donderdag 3 september 2009

Diary feelings and thoughts.. : The past, nowadays and the future

The past, nowadays and the future

I have a dream..
Bout’ how my life should be.. How I like it to be?!..
Like a nice fantasy..
I can’t describe it.. but’s its all pictured in me head..
Me, having all my things fit in the right places..
It’s a nice picture of me, I wanne go there.. (maybe later??)..
But I can’t wait.. I want it when I’m still young..
So I want it fast..
It’s a big step, I still can’t take..
And I can’t say it out loud,, or write it..
Cause it’s my little fantasy..
Would other peeps understand?? Probable not.. I even don’t!!
It’s probable a period..
People got that right.. a subject what keep your mind busy for a while..
For me on the moment it’s : ‘The past, nowadays and the future’..
And which one is de best for me..
Anyway in my life, things are changing.. And I don’t even know if I like it or hate it..
Sometimes, I rather go back in time..
Maybe change some things in history..
Everyone got those things they like to change right?? ..I do..
But it can’t, so I let it go.....


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