donderdag 3 september 2009

Diary feelings and thoughts.. : Growing up

Growing up

Growing up means to do stuff on your own?..
For me, it means being alone and feelling alone!..
Like I’m invisible..
I must jump and scream to let them know I’m here..
But like always I’ve got my ups and down..
Sometimes I got them both in a day..
Keep meeting good looking men..
But I’m more interested in what a guy got to say, then how he look like..
Cause even that part of me is growing up..
Some ladies like to pull me down..
That’s why it’s better for me,, that I don’t hang with too many b******..
The me, myself and I is busy with the future..
But why don’t have a good time, on my way up there..
Sometimes life seems to fail..
But it’s just growing, just like us ..
It shows us, that we have to take another way to get there..
To find another solutions..
To surrender and work for it..
And most Important..
To learn of mistakes, to enjoy, to experience, to LOVE..


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